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UrbanWINS Final Conference

The city as a living organism: understanding its metabolism to reduce its resource consumption

When? 4th April 2019
Where? GreenBizz, Brussels (Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17)

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After three years of work, the EU-funded UrbanWINS project will come to an end this May.
During its life time, UrbanWINS has developed and tested methods for designing and implementing eco-innovative strategic plans for waste prevention and management in eight pilot cities: Cremona, Albano Laziale, Pomezia and Torino (Italy); Leiria (Portugal); Bucharest (Romania), and Manresa & Sabadell (Spain).

Now, it is time to share the outcomes and results of the project so that other cities, organisations and stakeholders can build upon them. Come and join us in our final conference, taking place in GreenBizz, an environmental incubator in Brussels.

Check the programme: a great variety of speakers will help us to learn more about urban metabolism and waste management:

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Projecte Europeu Urban Wins

Descobreix l’economia circular a l’eco-espai “Urban Wins” a Sabadell

Us esperem el proper dissabte 16/03/19 i diumenge 17/03/19 de 10.30 a 18.00 a la Plaça del Mercat de Sabadell (davant l’edifici de l’Espai Cultura Antiga Caixa Sabadell) i el 30 i 31 de març a la Plaça de la Creu de Barberà, per experimentar l’economia circular.

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Es tracta d’una de les accions pilot a Sabadell del projecte Urban Wins, finançat pel programa Horizon 2020 de la Comissió europea.


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Projecte Europeu Urban Wins

#UrbanWINS webinar: How can cities tackle food waste?

#UrbanWins webinar: How can cities tackle food waste?

March 12, 2019 11:00


According to the European Commission, around 88 million tonnes of food waste are generated annually with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros. According to FAO, up to one third of all food is spoiled or squandered before it is consumed by people, and food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain. Some of the UrbanWINS cities have decided to respond to this problem and tackle food waste as part of their pilot actions.

ICLEI and these UrbanWINS cities want to present some of the initiatives being conducted to minimise food waste.

Dz_8UszW0AIHyvC.jpg large

11.00.-  Welcome and introduction

Meritxell Díaz, Communications Officer, ICLEI European Secretariat

11.05.- Why we want to fight food waste

Hanne Heymans, Project Manager FoodWIN

11.25.- Cremona and the fight against food waste: enhancement of the recovery and the donation of food surpluses and promotion of informed purchases

Martina Macconi, Advisor for the Municipality of Cremona for UrbanWINS project

Francesca Federici, founding partner of EStà and expert in food policy                                

11.45.- Sabadell and its food waste prevention programme  

Anna Puiggros, project officer at the Innovation Department of the City of Sabadell

12.05.-  Leiria and its guide for food waste reduction

Margarida Morais, Senior Technician for Environment at Leiria Municipality

12.20.- Time for discussion and conclusions

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Projecte Europeu Urban Wins

UrbanWINS workshop as part of the World Resources Forum (25/02/19)

The UrbanWINS approach: citizen-driven priority action for waste prevention, resources management and innovative circular business models

The UrbanWINS workshop on making circular resources management reality will support decision makers and technicians from public authorities working on making their cities and regions future-proof towards sustainable urban development. You will learn about material flows, waste prevention, and innovative business models for a circular economy. Further, this workshop offers an interactive insight how participatory decision-making works in practice.

mr. philipp tepperMonday 25 February 2019, 16:00 – 17:30
Moderator: Mr. Philipp Tepper. Speakers: Mr. Joan Espel, Mr. Francesco Musco, Mrs Martina Macconi, Mrs. Giulia Lucertini, Mrs. Flavia Silva
Word Resources Forum Flanders Meeting & Convention Center


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Taller d’Urban Wins al World Resources Forum

El proper dilluns 25 de febrer es realitzará un workshop d’Urban Wins al congrés World Resources Forum que es celebrarà a Antwerp, Bélgica, i a on participarà el Sr. Joan Espel de l’Ajuntament de Manresa. Us deixem informació sobre el taller i us animen a participar-hi!
L’enfocament UrbanWINS: acció prioritària impulsada pels ciutadans per a la prevenció de residus, la gestió de recursos i models de negoci circulars innovadors

El taller UrbanWINS sobre la gestió de recursos circulars donarà suport als responsables i tècnics dels poders públics que treballen per fer que les seves ciutats i regions estiguin orientades cap a un desenvolupament urbà sostenible. Al taller aprendràs sobre fluxos materials, prevenció de residus i models de negoci innovadors per a una economia circular. A més, aquest taller ofereix una visió interactiva sobre com la presa de decisions participatives funciona a la pràctica.

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Dilluns 25 de febrer de 2019, de 16:00 a 17:30.
Moderador: Sr. Philipp Tepper. Ponents: el Sr. Joan Espel, el Sr. Francesco Musco, la Sra. Martina Macconi, la Sra. Giulia Lucertini, la Sra. Flavia Silva.
Flanders Meeting & Convention Center.

Projecte Europeu Urban Wins

Kit d’eines d’UrbanWINS: l’instrument que integra totes les activitats del projecte urbanwins / The UrbanWINS Toolkit: the instrument that integrates all project activities

Kit d’eines d’UrbanWINS: l’instrument que integra totes les activitats del projecte urbanwins

toolkitL’equip UrbanWINS ha començat a desenvolupar UrbanWINS Toolkit (kit d’eines d’UrbanWins), un conjunt d’eines per planificar la gestió de residus d’una forma participativa que estarà a punt la primavera de 2019 i que serà un dels principals resultats del projecte.

Durant els últims 2 anys, s’han provat moltes eines per donar suport als actors del projecte que tenen una millor comprensió de les estratègies de prevenció i gestió de residus a les seves ciutats, a saber:

  • Els grups d’interès dels sis països participants del projecte van ser entrevistats per identificar les 50 millors estratègies i pràctiques de gestió de residus d’Europa.
  • Reunions en línia i presencials: es van organitzar àgores per analitzar i establir objectius i indicadors per al desenvolupament de plans estratègics per a la prevenció i gestió de residus dins de les 8 ciutats pilot del projecte.
  • S’ha iniciat una sèrie d’accions encaminades a prevenir i millorar el sistema de gestió de residus a les 8 ciutats pilot.

El kit d’eines contindrà les millors pràctiques que poden ser inspiradores per als altres, els reptes i les oportunitats de les accions pilot a les ciutats UrbanWINS i consells per prevenir i millorar els processos de gestió de residus. L’Associació Ecoteca, responsable del desenvolupament d’aquest kit d’eines recolzada pels altres socis del projecte, també està treballant en altres categories del kit d’eines.

Un cop finalitzat, el kit d’eines es publicarà com un instrument en línia que pot ser utilitzat per qualsevol autoritat pública europea, política urbana i altres organitzacions que busquen idees efectives per prevenir i reduir residus i millorar la seva gestió.

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The UrbanWINS Toolkit – the instrument that integrates all project activities

toolkitThe UrbanWINS team has started developing the UrbanWINS Toolkit, a set of tools to plan waste management in a participatory way that will be ready by spring 2019 and that will be one of the main outcomes of the project.

Over the past 2 years, many tools have been tested to support the project stakeholders have a better understanding of waste prevention and management strategies in their cities, namely:

  • Stakeholders in the six participating countries from the project were interviewed to identify 50 best waste management strategies and practices from Europe
  • Online and face-to-face meetings – “agoras” were organised to analyse and establish objectives and indicators for the development of Strategic Plans for waste prevention and management within the eight pilot cities involved the project; and
  • A series of actions aimed at preventing and improving the waste management system in pilot cities have started.

The toolkit will contain best practices that can be inspirational for others, challenges and opportunities of the pilot actions in the UrbanWINS cities, and tips to prevent and improve waste management processes. Ecoteca Association, responsible for the development of this toolkit supported by the other project partners, is also working on other categories of the toolkit.

Once finalised, the toolkit will be published as an online instrument that can be used by any European public authority, urban policy maker and other organisations looking for effective ideas to prevent and reduce waste and improve waste management.

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