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Check the pilot actions of the different cities that participate in UrbanWins project to improve waste prevention and management:

Pilot Actions Manresa

Pilot Actions Sabadell

Pilot Actions Albano Laziale

Pilot Actions Bucharest

Pilot Actions Cremona

Pilot Actions Leiria

Pilot Actions Pomezia


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UrbanWINS: 23 novembre Sabadell Jornada – Debat: La importància de la innovació i els reptes d’adaptació de la gestió de residus cap a l’economia circular


Us anunciem que el proper 23 de novembre, al Casal Pere IV de Sabadell, es realitzarà la jornada debat: “ La importància de la innovació i el repte de l’adaptació de les infraestructures per una nova gestió de residus” en el marc del projecte UrbanWINS.

La jornada consistirà en una matinal en la que es debatrà sobre la innovació com a motor de canvi cap a un nou model de gestió de residus, a més de les implicacions sobre l’ús  i adaptació de les infraestructures disponibles.

Esperem que aquesta informació sigui del vostre interès i us animem a assistir-hi!!!
Programa: Programa jornada UrbanWins 23nov
Més informació: Consorci del Bages per la Gestió de Residus

L’equip d’UrbanWINS

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UrbanWins a Recuwaste 2018

El congrés RECUWASTE segueix l’evolució que s’està produint globalment en l’àmbit de la gestió dels recursos sota el nou paradigma de l’economia circular i l’exigència en la millora continuada dels ens locals en la gestió dels serveis públics. Ad

El congrés RECUWASTE, que tindrà lloc el 8 i 9 d’octubre a Mataró, s’obre de bat a bat a l’economia dels recursos i també de manera central al món local i a la innovació, amb un enfocament eminentment internacional perquè els assistents puguin conèixer de primera mà experiències destacables de tot el món, compartir coneixements, fer aprenentatges i confirmar una vegada més Mataró com a punt de referència ineludible en el món de la gestió dels residus municipals.

Resultat d'imatges de recuwaste 2018

Una de les ponencies de RECUWASTE serà sobre les accions derivades de les 8 ciutats europees que participen al projecte Urban Wins:

UrbanWins, avaluació del consum de recursos a les ciutats per innovar en la prevenció dels residus.

Els nous temps requereixen noves formes de planificar i adoptar plans de gestió dels residus municipals. Els tècnics municipals s’enfronten al repte de respondre a les necessitats dels ciutadans amb recursos de vegades limitats, ja sigui per manca de pressupost, temps per planificar o inclús capacitació en metodologies participatives. MFA i DPSIR són exemples que contribueixen a la creació d’aquests plans on es porta la participació ciutadana a un nivell superior i fins ara poc explorat. En aquesta presentació s’explicaran les accions derivades a 8 ciutats Europees on la component col·laborativa ha esdevingut tot un èxit sense precedents.

Sr. Frederic Clarens. Responsable d’Ecologia Industrial – Eurecat CTM

15:15 – 15:35 (09-10-2018) Congrés Recuwaste (Mataró)

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Projecte Europeu Urban Wins

URBAN WINS WEBINAR 3: From citizen participation to local action: How cities pilot circular economy actions to fight urban waste.

URBAN WINS WEBINAR 3: From citizen participation to local action: How cities pilot circular economy actions to fight urban waste.

Friday, 12 September 2018, at 15.00-16.30 (CET)



15.00 Welcome and introduction. UrbanWINS in a nutshell and introductions to the webinar, Paula Land, ICLEI Europe.

15.10 KEY NOTES: From participation to local action – Piloting citizen driven urban waste management in Leiria, Portugal and Torino, Italy. Margarida Morais, Head of the Environment and Health Division in Leiria, Portugal, and Laura Ribotta, Torino, Italy.

16.00 INTERVIEW: The CityMatch experience: Cities learning from each other in urban waste management. Gianluca Luciani, Rome, and Peter Defranceschi, ICLEI Europe

16.30 Closing

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The webinar “From citizen participation to local action: How cities pilot circular economy actions to fight urban waste” will take place as part of the European project UrbanWINS on 12 September 2018 at 15.00-16:30 (CET).
UrbanWINS is a European project funded by the Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020 that studies how cities consume resources and products, and how they eliminate the waste produced. This is done to develop and test innovative plans and solutions aimed at improving waste prevention and management.
The 3rd UrbanWINS webinar is all about cities’ experiences in selecting and implementing innovative circular waste management policies. We zoom in on the UrbanWINS pilot cities Torino and Leiria and will hear about their activities on the ground:

From participation to local action – Piloting citizen driven urban waste management, with Keynotes from Laura Ribotta, Torino, Italy, and Margarida Morais, Leiria, Portugal
Both Torino and Leiria are starting up pilot actions to tackle issues of urban resources management – actions which have been co-created with citizens during participatory sessions, the Urban Agoras. We will hear from both how these pilot actions are rolled out and what other cities can learn from their approaches to circular economies.

During the second part of the webinar we will hear how cities can learn from each other:

The CityMatch experience: Cities learning from each other in urban resources management, Gianluca Luciani, Rome, and Peter Defranceschi, ICLEI Europe
The participants of the UrbanWINS exchange program CityMatch are interviewed about their experience visiting a new city and learning directly from their colleagues about waste prevention and management. During this interview, we will hear how one-on-one exchange between waste management practitioners can benefit your organization and inspire innovative management strategies.

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Projecte Europeu Urban Wins

When UrbanWINS helped me to apply modern board games to serious things by – Micael Silva Sousa

In 2014, after being challenged by the members of Spiel Portugal and because of our desire to keep developing this hobby, we started organising our own game rendezvous in Leiria. We challenged an association of which I was a member. They accepted the challenge and the community grew. The Leiria Boardgamers were created; we had a new format, but were built on developments in Marinha Grande. We met frequently and organised free gaming sessions for the local community. It was obvious that these board games were powerful tools for social intervention and innovation that could be used in multiple contexts: social integration, development of skills, play therapy techniques, alternative learning techniques, etc. In 2018, we created a new association, Asteriscos, to further develop our game-related projects. The community has been growing steadily, and we established a partnership with the parents’ association of a school in Leiria, which allowed us to work more closely with local and school communities. We started with only 3 people but today, there are dozens of us.

Having just provided an introduction to the history behind the use of these games, I can now move on to another adventure that started because of the need for a European project. In 2017, during the first agora (a participative virtual community) of the UrbanWINS project – which focuses on the implementation of collaborative methodologies to approach the topics of urban waste and urban metabolism – an idea was born. We needed an ice-breaker. After taking part in intensive training on collaborative methodologies at the New University of Lisbon under the directorship of Lia Vasconcelos, it became obvious to me that these projects offered a great deal of scope for the use of alternative methodologies.

The ice-breaker that I proposed consisted in partially using one of the games from my modern board games collection. I used the Dixit cards. Through them, and their surrealist drawings, the participants in the first UrbanWINS agora in Leiria had the opportunity to talk about themselves and the problem of waste in a creative fashion. In an informal manner, the cards helped to creatively unlock participation while respecting the individuality of each participant; this seemed as if it would be essential in starting the collaborative process that would be developed afterwards… and it was.

This successful experience led me to test more gaming elements in different contexts. I was invited to some open classes in higher education institutions where I used games and gaming elements in order to approach certain topics. Through games, the students were able to deal with the contents of each subject in a dynamic, engaging and fun way. They developed autonomy and interest in their learning. It was the students who identified the goals of the different dynamics. Through this process I developed my own methodology, which I applied in classes in the areas of tourism, heritage, leadership, collaborative work, resource management, planning, soft skills, etc. I visited the Polytechnic of Leiria and the ESTG [School of Technology and Management], ESECS [School of Education and Social Sciences], D. Dinis Business School, ISCAC [Coimbra Business School], the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Coimbra, and ISEG [Lisbon School of Economics & Management]. It has been a great adventure, which appears to be continuing to unfold; new games are being made and our growing list of experiences is facilitating the use of these tools in increasingly complex contexts.

I also joined GovInt (Portuguese Forum for Integrated Governance), through my involvement in a group of collaborative methodologies where I contributed to the development of collaborative dynamics that in turn became a game.

In summary, we can say that it was the innovative nature of the UrbanWINS project that opened the door to an alternative way to use the games. It allowed me to understand those collaborative methodologies that go far beyond mere participation. I was inspired by it and I later took that inspiration with me into academia where it influenced part of my research during the teaching component of the PhD in Land Planning. I understood that games can be used to promote collaborative planning and this will probably be the research path I will follow over the next few years.

More than simply a reference to a project, this text is a very personal narrative, showing how our life paths, our social relationships and our preferences may combine in a surprising way. I never thought I could use games as serious tools nor link them to the concept of serious gaming. But the truth is, that I am getting closer to this and, in practice, it has already been shown through UrbanWINS. That said, there is still immense potential to be explored in the future and in other projects.


Urban Wins a Manresa

UrbanWINS Manresa: Informe darrera àgora

L’Ajuntament de Manresa, juntament amb el  Consorci del Bages per a la Gestió de Residus i el Centre Tecnològic de Manresa, us volen agrair la  vostra participació en les diverses àgores que s’han organitzat en el marc del procés participatiu del projecte europeu sobre prevenció i gestió de residus urbans UrbanWINS.

Us fem arribar l’informe de la passada àgora, on es van proposar, debatre i treballar mètodes d’avaluació de  les tres accions que formaran part de la prova pilot del projecte UrbanWINS. Podeu descarregar l’informe aquí: Manresa City report- 7th FF Agoras

0001Aquestes tres accions seran implementades durant els propers mesos i es monitoritzaran i s’avaluaran mitjançant el pla d’avaluació sorgit a partir del treball realitzat en aquesta darrera àgora.

Finalment, us volem recordar que durant el primer trimestre de 2019 tindrà lloc la setena i última àgora prevista del projecte, on esperem poder comptar novament amb la vostra presència. Quan s’acosti la data, us n’informarem degudament.



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